Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November PTO Meeting Minutes

Winans PTO Meeting Minutes—November 4, 2010

Christina Howell
Lora Brown
Donna Fairchild
Zanya Betley
Tammy Lewis
Jamie Melin
Carol Romans
Jim Huntzicker
[Teachers were in conferences]

I. T-Shirts
· We looked at 5 designs and chose design #3 submitted by Shannon Wilson with a few changes (make globe into line art, more spacing, simpler font). Zanya moved that we submit design #3 with designated changes as the design for the 2010-11 T-shirt, Jamie seconded, all voted in favor.
· T-Shirt colors will be violet and ultra marin blue with black and yellow ink
· Youth T-shirts will be priced between $8-9 , depending on # of pre-orders and our price break (need to pre-sell 65 shirts)
· Pre-Sell order forms will be made up in the next few weeks in hopes that T-shirts will be done before Christmas break.

II. Treasurer’s Report
1. Checkbook Balance - $7408.80 September 2, 2010
a. Credits
i. 11/03/10 - $195.00 Yearbooks = 28 yearbooks sold
ii. 11/03/10 - $8,343.06 Innisbrook
b. Debits
i. 9/03/10 - $271.65 – Printing for Less/Yearbooks
ii. 9/03/10 - $55.32 – Livingston Enterprise/Carnival Thank You Ad
iii. 11/03/10 - $64.18 – Food Services of America/Popcorn
Checkbook Balance - $15,555.71 November 3, 2010
2. Savings Account Balance - $4,853.30 September 2, 2010
a. Interest $6.73 September 30, 2010
Savings Account Balance - $4,860.03 November 3, 2010

II. Innisbrook Report
· We sold 1,056 Items and the kids won 396 Prizes for a total of $10,490 (40%= $4, 156)
· Kindergarten classes led the sales and won the pizza party
· Donna motioned PTO issue a check for Kindergarten Pizza Party, Zanya seconded the motion and all voted in favor.

OTHER NOTES: We are still interested in getting grants or donations toward the climbing wall (we have raised about 1/3 of the cost through fundraising). If anyone is aware of grants, awards, donations, etc., or if you have experience with writing grants or have other fundraising ideas, please contact the PTO President. Tammy Lewis.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's time for our Innisbrook Fundraiser!!!
[click to learn more]

We will send the sales packets home with students Friday, September 17th and they are due back September 27th. Profits from this fundraiser are used for field trips, teacher stipends, and special programs (like Shakespeare in the Schools and Firehouse Five), so remind your customers how much they help our school when they buy from Innisbrook.

Don't forget to use the online ordering option if you have internet access. Each student can set up an onlie account for distant friends and relatives to participate, too.

It's an amazingly simple process--details are in the sales packets.
Happy Fundraising!

Friday, September 10, 2010


If you're looking for something fun to do with your family tonight, we're holding a free family dance/ ice cream social at our church on Main & Summit Street (up the hill). You and your family are certainly welcome to come! [In the interest of full disclosure, I am the Activities Chairperson at church, but I gain nothing but new friends if you come --JamieM]

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Our new school year is in full swing! We've already had our first PTO Meeting and set up committees (see notes below), and we've got some fun pictures of the first day of school to share. Got some fun pictures you want to share? Do you have a note of congratulations, recognition, or appreciation to share? Good ideas? Send what you want to share on this blog to jamiemelin@msn.com and we'll get it posted.Mrs. Welch and students ready to start the day
Mrs. Thums teaching a new batch of kindergarteners about their new classroom.

Mrs. Schwartz orienting her new 5th graders

Mrs. Meador welcomes her new 2nd grade class
Mrs. Bartz's first graders stocking up on supplies & getting organized for a great new year!

First grade friends reunited after a long summer break!

Addie (Reich3) & Heidi (Bartz1) Melin in front of the school.

Athalia W. on her first day of kindergarten!


Winans PTO Meeting Septemebr 2, 2010
6:30pm Winans Library

I. Introductions
President Tammy Lewis
Secretary Jamie Melin
Treasurer Carol Romans
Teachers Pat Thums, Jane Welch
Principal Jim Huntziker
Parents: Shary Noble, Betsey Garten, Lessie Sites, Christina Howell, Lora Brown, Amanda Alkire, Teresa Grimsley, Jodi Day, Holly L. & Terry Cline, Zanya Betley

II. Committees
Fundraiser-Tammy & Holly
Popcorn- Teresa Grimley
Boxtops- Donna Fairchild
Yearbook-Zanya Betley
Carnival- Carole Ann, April
Read Week--Betsey Garten, March
Dr. Seuss Night-Melins, March
Teacher Appreciation- Teresa Grimley & Christina Howell
Room Parents-reminder to all parents to volunteer in classrooms when possible

CLICK HERE for a list of Committees, Chairpersons, and contact info so YOU can volunteer.

Innisbrook Fundraiser
· September 13-27 (two weeks long, Monday to Monday)
· Encourage to use online ordering


Teacher Stipends- Motion by Zanya, 2nd Lora--$200 per teacher, $100 per support staff, $3K-voting unanimous in the affirmative

Budget/ Treasury Report- Carol Ann (see image below—click to enlarge-coming soon)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School!

Woo-hoo! It's the first day of school!
Welcome back, everybody!

Please let other parents/teachers know that you no longer have to sign into this site--we've removed that privacy setting and we'll keep it open unless we have problems. So all you have to type into your browser is winanspto dot blogspot dot com and you're here! So...

FIRST, be sure to attend the first PTO meeting of the new year this coming THURSDAY, September 2nd at 6:30pm in the Winan's Library. Parents, Teachers, Staff, Community Volunteers...come one and all and help us shape the coming year by sharing your ideas & talents.

SECOND, email me [jamiemelin@msn.com] with your favorite first day of school snapshots. We'll post some collages here on the blog to celebrate/document the new year!

LASTLY, Meeting minutes and other calendar items will be posted here at the blog after Thursday's meeting. PLEASE spread the word about this PTO blog AND the official Winan's website (linked to your right at the top of the column). Check back for the latest info on Friday!

Friday, June 18, 2010


It's hard to think about school and PTO when summer is just getting started and the days are just getting warm and sunny (like today--AMAZING!). But I promised to get this PTO blog going, so I'm doin' it! I hope you're all having a great summer, daydreaming of ways you can contribute to PTO next year! Heh, heh...

If any of you missed out on the minutes from the emergency June PTO Meeting, I'm re-posting them here and will continue to update the blog with registration, fundraiser, and activity information, so bookmark this site and check back often!

--Jamie Melin, PTO Secretary


June 16, 2010- Winans PTO Emergency Meeting

Present: Tammy Lewis, President; Carol Ann Romans, Treasurer; Jim Huntzicker, Principal; Zanya Betley, filling in for Secretary Jamie Melin; Kathy Pesa, PTO member
Minutes: Zanya Betley

Main Topic: 2009-2010 Yearbook

Kathy Pesa called an emergency meeting to discuss yearbook.
Kathy spoke with Julie Dennison with Printing For Less. PTO cancelled our yearbook order when we were unable to coordinate sales by carnival. To date Julie has everything needed to complete our yearbook and only needs someone to approve the cover PFL designed for us. Kathy spoke with Julie last week. PFL can print any quantity we order and will charge PTO $5 to $6 per book regardless of quantity. Kathy has spoken with many of the 5th grade parents and currently has orders for approximately 25 books. After a discussion for prospects of selling additional books, it was decided:
· Kathy will work with Julie and has PTO support to approve the yearbook cover
· Kathy will order 50 yearbooks
· Kathy offered to contact 5th grade parents (and others who have ordered books) and allow parents to pick up books at her business, The UPS Store.
· Kathy will collect $7/book (the price originally voted on by PTO for yearbook) and distribute funds to PTO treasurer, Carol Ann Romans, at the School District office.
· Kathy (well her children)will create a yearbook display at Winan’s School where Summer School is taking place 3 days per week. The display will notify parents that yearbooks may be purchased at The UPS Store for $7. This yearbook will remain on display for 2010-2011 student registration, August 23rd.
· Kathy is going to check with Julie to see if we can make an additional yearbook order in the Fall providing there is enough parent interest.
· Thanks to Kathy Pesa for taking the lead on this and to Jamie Meline for all her efforts on putting the yearbook together!!!
· Assuming PFL is willing to print an additional order for us at the same price, PTO will take preorders for 2009-2010 yearbooks in Fall when school starts. PTO agrees to order the number of preorders plus an additional 25 cushion.
· Those interested in purchasing a yearbook contact Kathy Pesa at The UPS Store.

Other Topics Discussed
Future of PTO
· Limited meeting attendance
· Merge Marsha’s email list with PTO, have parents opt out in opt in
· Jamie Meline has offered to create a Winan’s PTO website. A link will be placed on the school district’s website, but we will be able to update our own content
· At initial fall meeting Jamie will have a list of all PTO activities. We will have parents chair activities (Carol Ann had great success with this for carnival). Any activity without a volunteer chairperson will just NOT happen.

· Huge success! Thank you Carol Ann and committee!!!
· Agreed we will shoot for the 1st week in May next year

School Calendar
· School starts almost a week later than usual
· Class goes through June 10th
· Have more holidays off

Additional things to be discussed at Fall meeting
Winan’s T-shirt contest
· Carol Ann suggest a class contest
· Winner will be printed on Tshirts and Sweatshirts
· Could have a new winner each year
· Jo Young has indicated to Carol Ann that she is willing to coordinate the printing/sales of shirts
· Suggested we shop around for price

Appreciation for Marsha
Arrange for flowers or other type of appreciation gift/gesture for Marsha (perhaps around Secretary’s Day?)

Lucky Tray
· Zanya asked about whether we got the lucky tray program going this year
· Tammy provided prizes and the program was successful this year
· Judy gave the entire 4th grade prized one Friday when 5th graders were out of the building

Grant Efforts- Playground Rockwall project
· Tammy is pursuing grants to assist us in completing our rockwall
· Kathy suggested contacting Ted Madden with Park County Community Foundation for coordination efforts (one stop shop as he may be able to connect her with grantors interesting in assisting with this type of projects)
· Kathy also suggested LEF Livingston Educational Foundation
· Kathy states it is helpful to have ½ of the funds raised and show community support
· Zanya suggested submitting a grant to the Community Closet for matching funds

· Following a discussion about service quality at our current bank a motion was made by Carol Ann Romans -

MOTION: Explore other local banks. If as a non-profit we can obtain free checking and savings account at another institution, move both our checking and saving account from the current financial institution to the new bank, if it is in PTO’s best interest.
· The motion was seconded by Zanya Betley and passed unanimously.