Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November PTO Meeting Minutes

Winans PTO Meeting Minutes—November 4, 2010

Christina Howell
Lora Brown
Donna Fairchild
Zanya Betley
Tammy Lewis
Jamie Melin
Carol Romans
Jim Huntzicker
[Teachers were in conferences]

I. T-Shirts
· We looked at 5 designs and chose design #3 submitted by Shannon Wilson with a few changes (make globe into line art, more spacing, simpler font). Zanya moved that we submit design #3 with designated changes as the design for the 2010-11 T-shirt, Jamie seconded, all voted in favor.
· T-Shirt colors will be violet and ultra marin blue with black and yellow ink
· Youth T-shirts will be priced between $8-9 , depending on # of pre-orders and our price break (need to pre-sell 65 shirts)
· Pre-Sell order forms will be made up in the next few weeks in hopes that T-shirts will be done before Christmas break.

II. Treasurer’s Report
1. Checkbook Balance - $7408.80 September 2, 2010
a. Credits
i. 11/03/10 - $195.00 Yearbooks = 28 yearbooks sold
ii. 11/03/10 - $8,343.06 Innisbrook
b. Debits
i. 9/03/10 - $271.65 – Printing for Less/Yearbooks
ii. 9/03/10 - $55.32 – Livingston Enterprise/Carnival Thank You Ad
iii. 11/03/10 - $64.18 – Food Services of America/Popcorn
Checkbook Balance - $15,555.71 November 3, 2010
2. Savings Account Balance - $4,853.30 September 2, 2010
a. Interest $6.73 September 30, 2010
Savings Account Balance - $4,860.03 November 3, 2010

II. Innisbrook Report
· We sold 1,056 Items and the kids won 396 Prizes for a total of $10,490 (40%= $4, 156)
· Kindergarten classes led the sales and won the pizza party
· Donna motioned PTO issue a check for Kindergarten Pizza Party, Zanya seconded the motion and all voted in favor.

OTHER NOTES: We are still interested in getting grants or donations toward the climbing wall (we have raised about 1/3 of the cost through fundraising). If anyone is aware of grants, awards, donations, etc., or if you have experience with writing grants or have other fundraising ideas, please contact the PTO President. Tammy Lewis.