Saturday, April 16, 2011


Winans PTO Meeting Minutes

Thursday April 14, 2011/ 6:30pm, Winans Library

Attendance: Amanda Alkire, Carol Anne Romans, Jamie Melin, Christina Howell, Lessie Sites, Jim Huntzicker, Tammy Lewis

Braided Bread Fundraiser totals-Tammy
(1) Last year we made $2500 in profit, sold 496 units
(2) This year we made $3454.23, sold 663 units

Rock Wall?-Tammy
We decided to keep the plan for the rock wall installation despite the grade level division. Current Rock Wall Fund balance is approx. $8,000 with braided bread money.

(1) Motion by Carol Anne, seconded by Amanda to deposit all braided bread money into Rock Wall Fund
(2) Motion by Carol Anne, seconded by Jamie to transfer excess funds from PTO checking account at year end (approx. $5,000.) to Rock Wall Fund, bringing Rock Wall Fund total to approx. $13,000.
(3) A committee was formed to choose new equipment appropriate for K-2 Grade Level AND to coordinate installation timing & costs. This committee, headed by Tammy Lewis, joined by Christina, Lessie, and Amanda, will meet Monday, April 18th at 10:30am at Christina’s home (across the street from Winans at 1006 W. Clark Street).
Treasurer Report- Carol Anne (see attached)

Carnival—Plans, Insurance Issues—Carol Anne (see attached) NEED VOLUNTEERS!

Stipend Totals- Carol Anne (see attached)

Yearbook Update- Zanya Betley is chairperson
(1) Class collages are done—Thank you, teachers, for all the great photos this year!
(2) Get Lifetouch Class Pictures on disk from Jim
(3) Get T-Shirt Art (digital copy) from Tammy to use on yearbook cover
(4) Create mock-up and production schedule (Zanya & Jamie will do this next week)
(5) Put all of the above in an envelope and deliver to PFL by April 22nd
(6) Tammy & Zanya coordinate on a pre-selling form & pre selling display for Carnival (4/29)

Teacher Appreciation Update- Who’s in charge of the week?
(1) We need a parent to serve as the general coordinator of the T.A. Week Activities.
(2) Let Jamie know if you want to use the Wishing Tree again—I’ll bring it on 4/25
(3) These are our volunteers so far:
Erin Nelson (gifts, etc.)-
Sarah Knecht (lunch 5/6)-
FROM SARAH: I am working tomorrow and will not attend meeting, Here is an update.
Staff -44
Napkins, Plates, Utensils-provided, Cups-needed (Jamie will bring more forks)
$50.00 Budget-added donations
2-4 Soups depending on quantities either 1/2 gallon of 4 or 2 at 1 gallon each
6 dozen Sandwiches
Chicken Salad on Croissant
Italian Stack me up with salami, ham, cheeses, peppers, spinach, chili mayonnaise
Turkey Clubs with Bacon-Still Need
Green Salad with lots of veggies
2 dressing choices
Cheesecake, Fruit
Donations (so far):
7 layer bean dip and chips- Cassie Wagman
1 Gallon soup-Allysa Davis-406-223-792-she will deliver in crock pot day of
Sandrine Olds-will bring Salad and cookies-she will deliver
Sara Banstra is going to make soup
Sarah Knecht down for the Italian stack me up sandwiches and Fabu Ice Tea
Jacqueline Boreham on chicken salad
Krystal Cipriani will bring the fruit, cups, a veggie tray and one dozen sandwiches
Cheesecake-5 dozen slices
Ellen Gemperlein McDonald will provide two cheesecakes
Francis Smith-Fruit tray
Nicole R Ritter-1 Cheesecake

PTO--What to do next year, K-2? Officers?
(1) We decided to do some exploration and recruiting for our May meeting in light of the Grade Level changes. Some suggestions included forming two PTO’s—one for each school—and meeting together +/- 3 times a year, dissolving PTOs and starting them up independently next September.
(2) Carol Anneorganized a PTO meeting for ALL ELEMENTARY PARENTS on Thursday May 5 at 5:30pm at the SGMS Library.
(3) Our regular Winans PTO meeting will follow that meeting at 6:30—we’ll try to just have it be a continuation, or else we will make it for 7pm in the Winans Library. I (secretary) will send you an email confirming time and location. For now, please mark the 5th on your calendars! We need you now more than ever.
Addendum--Here is the letter CA sent out on April 15th:


You have been invited to attend a focus group to plan and prepare for the future Parent Teacher Organization for our schools under the new grade level structure. An idea has been proposed to combine the schools under one cohesive PTO which will collaboratively function for both schools. The meeting will take place on May 5th at 5:30 p.m. in the SGMS Library and should last about one hour.

The purpose of this meeting is to decide if a unified PTO would benefit the new grade level structure. If so, we could establish a mission statement and compare the traditional PTO functions for both schools including fundraisers, projects, yearbooks, teacher stipends, teacher appreciation etc. Then we could have an open meeting later in May for administrators, parents and teachers from both schools to elect officers, establish a budget (wishlist), and gather ideas for the upcoming school year.

My personal belief is that this would be an effective way to help bridge this transitional process and I would love to hear back from you as to your ideas or comments with this proposal.

Thank You,
Carol Anne Romans