Thursday, November 3, 2011

Winans PTO Meeting Minutes

November 1, 2011 / 5:30pm / Winans Library

Attendance: Principal Jim Huntzicker, Lora Brown, Christina Howell, Jessica Tyner, Muffy Norquist, Jamie Melin, Trisha Herbst, Julie Bartz, Pat Thums, Debbie, Certier, and Caroline Rehder

1. Box Tops
• Not doubled if put on sheets, just cost more money to ship. Sending box tops in an envelope or plastic sack is alright.
• Made $217.70 and will get check in December. Watch for expiration dates, expired box tops won't be awarded money. Spent $13.18 in postage to mail box tops.

2. Innisbrook/Treasurer's Report
• Total Sales so far: $4,771.00-we will get about 40% of the profit. Orders in by the 7th of November.
• Jessi will contact Karen @ Innisbrook (our rep) to answer questions about entering orders, when delivery will happen, etc...Jessi will send out into via email.
• Jim will coordinate delivery organization and pickup.
• Treasurer report: Ending balance $599. 92

3. Popcorn Early Release Days
• Inventory okay until spring
• Flyers going out on Friday to ask for donations and reminder about early release and popcorn on November 9th.
• Have made $194 so far on popcorn
• Muffy Norquist is our popcorn coordinator.

4. Teacher's Supper
• November 10th 4:30-6:00 pm
• Lora Brown is donating meat & vegetables for Jamie Melin to make and serve 2 soups; volunteers needed for rolls and desserts. Please email Jamie Melin if you want to donate sweets or bread or drinks for this event (drop off anytime on Nov. 10th)—

5. Musical Theater
• East Side would like to be separate on the Crazy Mountain Theater Production
• Motion to skip Crazy Mountain this year and seconded by Jessi Tyner
• Jamie volunteered help plan a musical/theatre
• Discussed venue (Wasihngton School? one grade at a time?)
• set up committee, meet with Ms. Parks

We are in desperate need of more involvement with our PTO; please let us know if you can serve on a committee or what you are willing to do; get signed up for PTO emails and tell your friends to do it, too. Parental involvement, even to a smallest degree, improves your child’s experience at the school and keeps you informed.

6. Carnival
• Lora will head up committee
• Ideas-adult games, health & nutrition focus
• Set up committee and work with Eastside's committee and decide about venue
• Caroline will work with Lora on carnival
• Flier going out to see what parents would be interested in helping with the carnival

7. Lora Brown offering photography fundraiser
• approved by PTO in general-100% of income
• Motioned by Muffy to allow Lora to send out flyers seconded by Jessi

8. Capri Sun recycling
• Caroline looked into this for the school
• Terra cycle pays you to recycle CapriSun bags
• will have more information at the next meeting/send home flyer soon

9. Christina Howell brought up the question about why don't we have crossing guards?
• no budget for crossing guards--crosswalk safety during school hours?
• will address this in next meeting

Thank you to all those who attended! It was great to see so many people!

Next Meeting—Tuesday, December 6th at 5:30pm in the Library.