Friday, June 1, 2012

Some Year-End Thoughts

Thank you Parents, Students, Teachers, and staff,  for another great year at Winans! We wish Mr. Huntzicker all the best as he begins his've really left a legacy, Jim!  We welcome our new principal, Mr. Shelton, and pledge our support to him to make this trasition as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Also, belated thanks to everyone who participated in Teacher Appreciation week. Sarah Knecht left this note to those who participated in the luncheon:

Thank you we all got wonderful comments on our food like:

"This is all so delicious!"

"This salad dressing is really good!"

"I want the bean salad recipe!"

"I love cheesecake!"

"This cake is beautiful!"

"This fruit and green salad is so nice"

"Great sandwiches"

"I love tuna!"

and on and on. Every teacher loved the food and it was so nice to see them all smiling! They truly did feel pampered. Thank you to everyone for bringing something. I washed and left all dishes in the teachers lounge. I am so grateful to have worked with such a professional group-The lunch was a huge success!

Please pread the word about PTO with your friends and neighbors. Invite them to be part of  this new era at Winans-- the new principal, the new division of grades--all of this is an opportunity for us to grow and make great things happen together. So come share your ideas and talents! Enjoy your summer...thanks again for all your support this year!