Monday, January 10, 2011

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January Newsletter

Here is the January Newsletter from Mr. Huntzicker:

January 3, 2011
Jim Huntzicker --222-0192

Mon. Jan. 3- No School –Trade day for curriculum work
Wed. Jan.5- 8:30 Geography Bee Preliminary Round in Ms. Gillespies’ room
Thurs. Jan. 6- 6:30 pm PTO Jan. Meeting in the Library --Please join us in planning for the new year
Fri. Jan 7- 8:30 Geography Bee Preliminary Round in Ms. Welch’s room
1:20 Geography Bee Preliminary Round in Mrs. Raw’s room
2:00 Meet with Bill Franks plan for NAEP 4th grade tests
Tues. Jan. 11 AIMS WEB testing team. Delisa, Bobbie Jo and Ellie Raffety
8:30 Geo Bee Preliminary Round in Mrs. Schwarz’s room
Wed. Jan 12 AIMS WEB testing team
Thurs. Jan 13 AIMS WEB testing team
1:00 GEOGRAPHY BEE FINALS for grades 4&5 in the Library
Fri. Jan 14 8:30 Geo Bee finalist takes the written test
Mon. Jan 17 Martin Luther King Day No School
Wed. Jan 19 Eagle Mount Skiing first day
Thurs. Jan 20 End of 2nd Quarter
Fri. Jan 21 Professional Development Day No School for Students

5th Grades
Thursday, Jan. 27th
Thursday, Feb. 17th
4th Grades
Thursday, Feb. 3rd
Tuesday, March 1st

The Mission of Winans School
We will empower all students by providing opportunities to succeed and access to challenges
that develop active minds.


Winans PTO Meeting Minutes
January 6, 2011

Christina Howell
Betsey Garten
Tammy Lewis
Jamie Melin
Carol Romans
Jim Huntzicker

1. Read Week- Committee Betsey Garten & Christina Howell
· Scheduled for March 7-11
· Committee plans to recruit readers from the community with flyers and an announcement in the Briefs section of the newspaper
· Will work with Jim and teachers to figure out theme days for the week and send info home with students (and on the blog)

2. Green Eggs & Ham Dinner (Dr. Seuss Birthday party)
· Scheduled for March 2, 2011—5:30 dinner, readings 6:00-6:15 and 6;20-6:35pm
· Jim will contact teachers for reading volunteers
· Betsey would like to read
· Jamie will contact Albertson’s re: Ham donation
· Tammy will contact Carole at Mustang re: eggs and McDonald’s re: orange drink
· Jamie will take care of decorations and 150 plates/napkins (check into balloons and mini-cupcakes)

3. Teacher Appreciation
· Scheduled for May 2-6 culminating in Friday lunch
· Details need to be worked out in committee next month—Teresa Grimsley

4. Carnival
· Scheduled for April 29, 2011 (Friday) from 6-8:00 pm-ish at the Fairgrounds
· Committee chair is Carol Romans
· We plan to use the room-parent volunteer model again this year
· We may invite members of the community/businesses to sponsor a booth as well
· We want to avoid paying rent on an extra building this year, so we will relocate or nix the petting zoo—keep horse rides?

5. T-shirt Sales
· Shirts are in and sales have been good; we’ve made $80 so far
· There are already 3 more shirts on order—we need a minimum of 10 for a new order, so if you’ve been thinking about it, order some (they look GREAT!).
· Thanks to all involved in creating the shirts!

6. Braided Bread Fundraiser
· Scheduled for April 4-14, 2011, with deliver on April 21st for Easter weekend
· Benfitting rock wall for playground
· Committee chair Zanya Betley
· Detals will be worked out next meeting when Zanya is present

7. Innisbrook
· Final profit total is $3961.94

8. Treasury Report is postponed to February

Other Business:

· Yearbook committee needs to get a plan together for the next meeting. Teachers please start collecting your favorite candid digital pictures to submit!

· Mr. Huntzicker is proud to announce that Winans is participating in the Success Maker program. It’s an interactive computer-based academic program that focuses on reading and math skills; helps teachers to fully customize each child’s learning experience by tracking what their strenghths and weaknesses are in computerized games, quizzes, exercises, tests, etc. The program was a big investment for the district and we hope it enhances your child’s /children’s education.

OTHER NOTES: We are still interested in getting grants or donations toward the climbing wall (we have raised about 1/3 of the cost through fundraising). If anyone is aware of grants, awards, donations, etc., or if you have experience with writing grants or have other fundraising ideas, please contact the PTO President. Tammy Lewis.

First Grade Fun

Back in October, the first graders went to Rocky Creek Farm to pick pumpkins and mill cider.The fun began with a picnic on a gorgeous fall day!


Then it was time for a hayride out to pick pumpkins!

Then we came back to mill apples into cider

Grinding up apples to press into cider

Meeting the animals

Monday, November 22 was the First Grade Thanksgiving Program

Lining up

Ready to SING!
One Small Voice music and poetry followed by pumpkin pie!
Mrs. Aun, Mrs. Bartz and first graders:
We're thankful for YOU!
Thanks for all the fun experiences this year (so far)!
Parents, if you have any messages or photos you'd like to post on the blog, please email them to me and I will post them! Thanks!
--Jamie Melin
(jamiemelin at msn dot com)

Ms. Reich's Class at Evergreen

Third Graders in Ms. Reich's class adopted Grandparents at a nearby rest & rehabilitation facility. Back in October they received their orientation and met their grandparents: Each Friday, the students walk from Winans a few blocks to the home.
Sometimes the weather is beautiful and it's fun to be outside...

...and sometimes it is cold and windy and hard to make the trek!

The students do many different activities with ther grandparents.
They've had a treasure hunt, a show-and-tell day, a Halloween Party, and a Christmas cookie-decorating party, just to name a few.

Some grandparents are very good at communicating, some are very quiet or disoriented. The students learn to communicate with their grandparents and help them.

The grandparents enjoy their time with the students.

Time to go back to Winans til next Friday!
Thanks so much to Ms. Reich and the Evergreen staff for providing our students with this unique opportunity to serve and grow!