Thursday, September 6, 2012

Winans PTO Meeting Minutes
September 4, 2012 @ 5:30pm in the Winan’s School Library

Greetings & Welcome; Attendance:
Lora Brown, Robin Addicott, Caroline Rehder, Jamie Melin, Muffy Norquist, Christina Howell, Amber Bailey, Brooke Weimer, Chantel Braham, Courtney McCormick, Sandi Marlowe, Principal Luke Shelton, Julie Bartz, Lessie Sites, Jessi Tyner

Muffy organized the new T-Shirts with the new Winans Primary School Eagles logo. They will be screened on purple or black shirts (purple so they can double as spirit shirts at PHS Ranger events). Order forms will go home next week with children and orders can also be placed at Open House September 13th from 5-7pm.

Treasurer’s Report:
• Jessi Tyner, Treasurer, reports a balance of roughly $9,000 in the Winans PTO account.
• After some discussion, Caroline moved that we award teachers with $100now, at the beginning of school, and another $100 later (around December) as a stipend for class room supplies. We know that teachers dig deep into their own pockets to give our kids what they need and this is PTO’s way of trying to help with those costs and say thank you.
• Other expected expenses for the year were discussed; PTO requested a wish list from Principal Shelton, which he will discuss at staff meetings and get back to PTO. Then we can formulate a budget and fundraising goals for the year.

School Newsletter:
Mr. Shelton will include PTO notes in school newsletter; we plan to use more electronic media this year—facebook , blog, email (YES, Winans has a facebook page! Like us! We have an orientation video on youtube! And there’s a blog at and and an email address at peasy!).

Fundraising Ideas:
• We have two “selling” fundraisers scheduled this year (Innisbrook wrapping paper and gifts 9/24- 10/8, and Butter Braids 2/25-3/1/2013, and these bring in $4-5k each) but we are trying to move away from selling and trying to do something more community and family oriented.
• Chantel and Courtney brought a great presentation of ideas, starting with an Art Walk/wine & cheese night benefitting Winans, perhaps a silent auction, etc. • Julie suggested they bring this idea to the next staff meeting.
• Jessi mentioned a family walk-run to go along with our movement toward healthier family lifestyles.
• Brooke suggested expanding Carnival to bring in money (gave example that ERA Realty just sponsored the MDA carnival and brought in $22k).
• Lora has an idea for a “game show” fundraiser called “Are you smarter than a Livingston 5th Grader”
• Caroline mentioned that the district’s central kitchen is available to cater school events, not just student meals, so that is one good way to keep fundraising money in the district.

We’re still collecting boxtops—they are a simple source of funding for our school and we receive several hundred dollars each year from them. Our coordinator again this year is Lessie Sites and she will periodically send home reminders and motivators. Out-of-town friends/ grandmas/etc. who want to donate can mail their trimmed boxtops to the school, attention Lessie & PTO.

Popcorn Days:
Muffy is heading up popcorn days again this year, and they will continue to be held on Early Release days. Watch for a flyer next week asking for a $2 donation to cover popcorn expenses for the year.

Spring Carnival:
is now its own separate committee/bank account, with members from each school planning the annual carnival held sometime in April or May. They will send out information soon. First item of business should be finding a venue and a date. Muffy headed this up last year and will help this year as well. Watch for more info. In the meantime, Muffy can’t pass up a deal on prizes, so she is buying up Pamida’s clearance toys and will be reimbursed by the Carnival committee.

Election of Officers:
President- Muffy Norquist
Treasurer- Jessi Tyner
Secretary- Amber Bailey

Traffic Safety Surrounding the School:
Christina Howell lives across the street from Winans and has witnesses many “near-misses” as people drive fast or fail to stop at the intersections surrounding Winans. Neither the school nor the city can provide crossing guards due to liability issues, so Christina and the PTO welcome your ideas and input on how to keep our students safe and drivers aware. Tonight’s suggestions included signage and lights that flash when someone is in the cross walk, and a bucket of flags for children to carry when they cross.

Next Meeting is scheduled for October 2nd at 5:30pm in the Winans Library. Please come or email your input to our Secretary, Amber Bailey, at

Innisbrook Fundraiser begins Monday, September 24th

Friday, June 1, 2012

Some Year-End Thoughts

Thank you Parents, Students, Teachers, and staff,  for another great year at Winans! We wish Mr. Huntzicker all the best as he begins his've really left a legacy, Jim!  We welcome our new principal, Mr. Shelton, and pledge our support to him to make this trasition as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Also, belated thanks to everyone who participated in Teacher Appreciation week. Sarah Knecht left this note to those who participated in the luncheon:

Thank you we all got wonderful comments on our food like:

"This is all so delicious!"

"This salad dressing is really good!"

"I want the bean salad recipe!"

"I love cheesecake!"

"This cake is beautiful!"

"This fruit and green salad is so nice"

"Great sandwiches"

"I love tuna!"

and on and on. Every teacher loved the food and it was so nice to see them all smiling! They truly did feel pampered. Thank you to everyone for bringing something. I washed and left all dishes in the teachers lounge. I am so grateful to have worked with such a professional group-The lunch was a huge success!

Please pread the word about PTO with your friends and neighbors. Invite them to be part of  this new era at Winans-- the new principal, the new division of grades--all of this is an opportunity for us to grow and make great things happen together. So come share your ideas and talents! Enjoy your summer...thanks again for all your support this year!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Winans PTO Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, May 1, 2012/ 5:30 pm/ Winans’ Library

Attendance: Jim Huntzicker, Luke Shelton, Lora Brown, Lessie Sites, Jamie Melin, Patty Durgan, Christina Howell, Muffy Norquist

I. New Principal Luke Shelton- introductions, etc.

II. Teacher Appreciation Week

-Wish Tree: is in the lobby and ANYONE is welcome to come pick a leaf and give a teacher a gift of classroom supplies for Teacher Appreciation week (Please be sure to re-attach leaf or label the item :)

-Week “treats”- Lora will send out an email later this week nailing down the details and we will put a little “what to expect” postcard in the Teachers’ mailboxes on Monday.

-So far, what we have planned is Monday: Scentsy travel tins from Muffy and cookies form Caroline, Tuesday: Hand/lip treatments from Andrea, Wednesday: another “treat from Andrea + lunch, Thursday: Foot spa & possible chair massages organized by Christina, Friday: Potluck luncheon organized by Sarah Knecht , cookies from Caroline-Luncheons-Wednesday catered by school board, Friday PTO Potluck by Sarah Knecht

III. Treasurer’s Report/ Finalizing Carnival numbers and discuss setting up a carnival account

Carnival (Reimbursement to Muffy) 1217.37

Civic Center 100.00

Ads in the Enterprise for carnival 122.20

Total Money from Carnival 3327.40

Profit from Carnival $1439.57

Box Top Check $553.35

Braided Bread profit $5040.00

One stipend check wrote to Sabrina Hester for 200.00

Ending Balance is about: $11,500.00

Muffy made a motion to create a Carnival Account for Eastside and Winans to use for next year’s carnival with a starting balance of $1400; Christina seconded her motion; the voting was unanimous in the affirmative.

IV. Discussion about school needs (upgrading TVs, getting IPads or Kindles for special needs classes etc.)

-Jim present teacher feedback-Jim and Luke went over ongoing teacher feedback; ultimately, Luke wants flatscreens in every classroom, as well as a “video marquee”-type screen for the lobby; this is the long-term goal which we will help reach any way we can, starting with the teachers who will use them most. Nothing was decided for sure, but we just listened to the plans and the needs and got a feel for the goals. -Other issues: Patty Durgan showed us her awesome little Nook Tablet, which functions like an iPad but is less than half the price ($199), has similar content (apps run between $.99-$3 on average, and it comes with tech support at Barnes & Noble stores and as an educator, any apps or content she buys can be used on all the tablets in her classroom at no extra charge.

Carolyn Long, speech therapist, submitted a touching request for a student with communication issues who has experienced success using the iPad. She has requested $399 to purchase an iPad that would follow this student through Winans and Eastside and become property of the special education division. Lora suggested splitting the cost with Eastside; we will revisit this topic when we settle accounts in June; everyone seemed to want to help make this happen.

-Teacher Stipends

- we discussed doing Teacher stipends differently [per Mrs. Boyd], carrying over accounts to use in August, etc. Jamie talked with Michelle Boyd and thinks this is a good idea; We decided to finish out the 2011-12 school year on our regular old system-let the teachers submit receipts and use their $200 stipend for this year. THEN give each teacher (this includes resource, title 1, and Library) $100 in August (at a cost of $1900), and another $100 in the 3rd quarter( February –ish, depending on fundraising success) so they have cash on hand for projects. If they choose to save it all to make a $200 purchase at the end of the year or just use it little by little all year, it’s all there and the treasurer will only have to cut checks twice a year.

Everyone was in favor of this, but we didn’t want to make it official before discussing it with Jessi (treasurer). We will let the teachers know what is officially decided by putting a letter in their mailboxes in the next week or two.

V. PTO "PSA" announcement

- Lora has an outline and proposal to create a video “PSA” style video to familiarize parents with PTO which will run on a loop (on a tv or laptop) at August registration and at all PTO activities. The video will tout the goals and accomplishments of PTO with interviews, slides shows, statistics, etc. Please let Lora know if you are willing to “testify” on the video about the awesomeness of PTO.

-Jamie proposed giving Lora $100 to complete the video project, Patty seconded the motion, the voting was unanimous in the affirmative.

VI. Retirement Party: Jessi needs to get a check to Kitty Springer to help with the costs of the Retirement Party.

VII: OTHER: Lora will send out an email about (a) having a combined Good-bye Jim/ Hello Luke party (parents meet-and-greet) at the school toward the end of this month. Let her know what you think; (b) meeting in August to get our ducks in a row for next year and to organize what we want to put in the registration packets. Also, if you have headed a committee this year or served as an officer, PLEASE document your experience and create a "training manual” for next year’s PTO, & if you have any interest whatsoever in serving as an officer PLEASE plan on attending the September meeting & submitting your name. WE NEED YOU, & we are doing our best to make your job EASY next year!Spread the word & support our school!


Late-Breaking News from Sarah Knecht re: Friday 5/11 Potluck Luncheon

Friday May 11th- Drop off food to Winans office by 11am

223-7481 Sarah Knecht -contact

Angie: Green Salad

Madeleine: Black eyed pea salad

Kristen: 2 salad dressings and one fruit tray

Cassandra :fruit salad

Sarah: 1 Gallon Roasted Tomato Vegetable Soup

2 dozen sandwiches

Ashley: 2 dozen Sandwiches

Jacqueline: Lemon Cake

Julie : 2 Chocolate Cakes


2 Cheesecakes

2 dozen sandwiches

Friday, April 13, 2012

April 2012 Meeting Minutes

Winans April PTO Meeting Minutes

Thursday April 12, 2012 - 5:30pm - Winans Library

Attendance: Jim Huntzicker, Lora Brown, Muffy Norquist, Christina Howell, Jessi Tyner, Cara McNeely, Caroline Rehder; Jenn Volk, Brooke Weimer, Terry Chambers

I. Carnival: Here’s the run down from Muffy from earlier this week--

- PTO Spring Carnival is Friday, April 20th from 5:30 – 7:30 pm. Admission is $3 each & children under 4 are free.

- We are still in need of lots of volunteers:o The three volunteer committees are SET UP, RUN GAMES, and CLEAN UP.

-Our contact for donating baked goods is: Caroline Rehder at other volunteers, please contact: Cara McNeely at or 223-8610

- Set up will begin at 9 am Friday morning, the sooner we get it set up, the better! We could use some very strong people to help with the tables, etc. first thing Friday morning. PLEASE contact Cara McNeely if you can help; we can start as early as 8:30 Friday morning if that works for our volunteers

- Megan & Dusty have all the games ready and signs made for each. Games include face painting, tattoos, zumba, funny picture booth. There was some discussion and detail about the games and the set up; Mrs. Huntzicker is helping to coordinate the High School volunteers; a few may be able to help with set up, Eastside is buying their dinner from their PTO budget, and Lora Brown has donated water to give to volunteers.

- Mustang Catering will be selling dinner

o Agnew Ranch donated local grass fed beef, so Carole is making Sloppy Joe’s with Mac & Cheese & fresh veggies with dip; the price should be “the same as last time” and proceeds go to PTO—we decided on $4 for dinner

o Carole will also be selling Mustang Catering sandwiches (geared more toward the adults at the carnival), and she will just keep track of how many she sells and subtract that from the total in the register at the end of carnival (keeping one cash register).

- Carnival will sell water, popcorn & cotton candy for a dollar a piece

- The Floyds will be selling their famous snow cones IF their truck can fit in the building.

II. Treasurer’s Report from Jessi

[Treasurer’s Report attachment]

-We figured we have roughly $5,000 after stipends and other expenses. I t was decided to give some money to help with retirement party, hold off on big decisions about iPads, and help upgrade TVs for classrooms; We will discuss more about allocation of funds in May after we see how Carnival goes down.

III. Teacher Appreciation Week, May 7-11, 2012

- Sarah Knecht is heading up the Friday Potluck lunch, PTO provides papergoods

- Jamie & Rich Melin will set up Wish Tree; leaves for teachers to write wishes on will be in the teacher’s lounge beginning April 25th; parents can start taking leaves & shopping on May 2nd. All “wish fulfillments” should be back under the tree by May 9th (Wednesdays).

- Lora, Christina, Jessi, and Jamie will organize small gifts for the teachers’ mailboxes Monday –Thursday of that week, each taking one day

IV. Retirement Party and the future of PTO (Lora Brown’s recruitment ideas) will be discussed at May’s meeting, to be held Tuesday May 1st at 5:30 pm in the Winans’ Library.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Three Things

First, CONGRATULATIONS on a stellar fundraiser! Because of your hard work and the generosity of our community, we surpassed our goal of $3,000...we raised over $5,000! So the "cool slide" repair is paid for and field trips & teacher stipends & carnival now have funding. SO HOORAY FOR YOU!

Second, DON'T FORGET THAT BUTTER BRAID ORDERS COME IN FRIDAY MARCH 23rd after school! They must be kept frozen, so please make arrangements to pick up your orders & keep them cold. If you'd like to help us sort the orders, please come to the Winans lobby at 1pm Friday (TODAY).

Third, Mr. Huntzicker, who has been our principal for 28 years, is retiring this summer. The Livingston Enterprise published a nice article about him this week--click HERE to read it. We are grateful for Mr. Huntzicker's dedication and service to us. You might think of your own way to thank him and wish him well before the school year ends.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

PTO Meeting Minutes for 6 March 2012

Combined Meeting with Eastside PTO, Eastside School Library

Attendance: Bob Stevenson, Jim Huntzicker, Angie Tinsley, Angie Printz, Terri Chambers, Brooke Weimer, Muffy Norquist, Christina Howell, Julie Bartz, Jamie Melin

I. Combining Winan's & Eastside PTO
After discussing pro’s and con’s, the decision still seems to be up in the air, with most of the Eastside PTO satisfied with the status quo and most of the Winans PTO wanting to combine. This is because the Winans PTO members are stretched thin trying to participate in both PTOs and we know we will eventually be part of Eastside PTO anyway, so why not start combining our talents and efforts (if not our leadership and treasury) now?

A median approach was agreed upon, that we begin the 2012-13 school year with a combined meeting since membership in both groups will change drastically between now and then. The decision can then be made about how much of the PTO we will combine and how often we will meet together. We did decide that we will continue to work on carnival together, that we should do all 4 fundraisers (2 in each school) next year, and that the Crazy Mountain Productions workshops will remain exclusively for Eastside students.

II. Carnival Report
Spring Carnival April 20th from 5:30- &:30 pm at the Civic Center

• Muffy is in desperate need of volunteers to lead three groups of more volunteers for Carnival.
o Set up Crew
o Running Booths
o Clean Up Crew
If you or someone you know can motivate and organize a group of volunteers, WE NEED YOU! Please contact Muffy ASAP. We also plan to recruit at PHS to offer students a chance to complete their community service hours by helping at the carnival.

• Eastside offered to cancel their Family Fun Night for this year and channel that energy, time, and money into the Carnival. Their budget will now cover meals for volunteers. (THANK YOU, E-PTO!)

• If you have gently used books to donate to the book walk, please bring them by the Winans office before March 30th.

• Angie, Brooke , and Jane have individually wrapped cookies frozen for the cake-cookie walk.

• Mustang Catering will have a food booth again, and the Floyds will bring the snow cone truck

• Brooke and Jamie discussed “marketing strategies” for next year’s PTO and plan to have an info booth at Carnival with fresh new material introducing PTO to parents (and TEACHERS, too).

• We have plans to advertise the Carnival as “The Spring Carnival presented by Eastside and Winans School Parents”. Muffy is creating newspaper ads, flyers/posters, and sandwich board signs. We are looking for materials donation for the signs, Brooke offered to look into a labor donation, and we plan to use the Insty-prints 50 free flyers for non-profits offer. We will also look into putting the carnival info on marquees around town.


[the "just Winans" part...]

III. Read Week Finalization
March 19-23, 2012
• Jim will decide on the “fun days” and we will send a flyer home on March 15th or 16th
• Christina will put an ad in the paper asking for volunteers and perhaps send home a form to recruit community readers.
• Coordinate with Marcia & teachers to schedule readers?---ask Jim about organizing details

IV. Braided Bread Fundraiser - Delivery line up and Order submissions
• Jamie & Jessi will enter orders by computer this weekend
• Anyone who wants to help Jamie & Jim sort orders, they are scheduled to arrive on Friday March 23rd at 2pm. Jamie will send out a reminder email.

V. Teacher Appreciation Week May 7-11, 2012

• We agreed to do wishing tree, Friday potluck, and mailbox surprises again.
• We will need to recruit a volunteer to head up the potluck- Sarah Knecht has done it the past 2 years, and a couple of people to brainstorm and create mailbox surprises.
If you know anyone willing to donate or offer discounted items please let us know—for example, DQ donated ice cream tokens, a nursery sold us discounted potted herbs, the flower shop gave us half-price flowers one year—ask around and let us know your ideas!

VI. Box Top Report/ Treasury Report
VII. Follow-up on T-Shirts or any other possible 2011-12 projects (wrap up), new mascot= the Eagles
VIII. Jim Retiring; Retirement Party for Jim, Jane Welch, and Doreen Reich—check if anyone else is making plans for this (district?); if not, Muffy will look into scheduling something with The Elks Club toward the end of the school year.

**Reminder: Meeting with Rich Moore regarding the new Winans Principal on Wednesday, March 14th at 5:30 pm in the Winans Library


Our Butter Braid fundraiser ends TODAY! Please turn in all orders & money at the office ASAP!

Also, please make arrangements to pick up your orders on FRIDAY MARCH 23rd around 2pm and keep them frozen.

THANKS for your help! I'll be back soon to post the results of our efforts!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Principal Meeting


Our Principal, Mr, Jim Huntzicker, will be retiring this year.

Dr. Rich Moore, our Superintendent, would like to have a meeting with the Winans parents on March 14th at 5:30 PM at Winans school to find out what qualities and characteristics parents are looking for in a new principal.

Dr. Moore would also like to have a meeting with Winans staff at Winans on March 14th at 3:30 for the same purpose, to find out the qualities and characteristics they would like to see in the new principal.

Please come participate (bring a friend!) and help make this change as positive and smooth as possible. A flyer should be coming home later this week.

Winans PTO

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Few Reminders

I. Our next PTO Meeting will be COMBINED with EASTSIDE SCHOOL. The meeting will be held Tuesday, March 6th at 5:30 PM at the EASTSIDE LIBRARY. Please join us and bring a friend!

II. This weekend, Eastside and Crazy Mountain Productions present "The WILDEST WEST SHOW EVER" at the Dulcie Theater. In addition to being a really FUN show, this is a fundraiser for the PTO, so please come to the show if you can, support the older kids in our community, and bring some extra cash for the PTO concessions sale. All seats $5, $20 per family, shows Friday night at 7PM and Saturday at 2PM and 4PM.

III. Our spring fundraiser, Butter Braids (that delicious filled pastry!) begins this coming Monday and runs for 10 days (February 27th- March 7th). Please check backpacks for the order form and be sure talk it up this coming week. The price is $12 per braid and we keep $5. We came close to earning $3,000 last year and we hope to reach that goal this year. The money will help pay for the repairs to the playground ("The FUN Slide"), replenish the field trip fund, and support teacher stipends. Thanks in advance for your help.

Also, please be sure to bookmark this blog and share it with friends. You can email if there is anything you would like to contribute to the blog--field trip photos, special recognition, community events, etc. Right now it's just PTO updates but it could be so much more! Thanks, as always, for your support!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Winans PTO Meeting Minutes
February 6, 2012 / 5:30pm / Winans Library

Attendance: Principal Jim Huntzicker, Lora Brown, Christina Howell, Jessica Tyner, Muffy Norquist, Jamie Melin, Maggie Harris, Pat Thums, and Caroline Rehder

I. READ WEEK has been postponed until further notice and Green Eggs and Ham has been cancelled this year, per Mr. Huntzicker & the staff.

II. Treasurer's Report
August 2011 beginning balance: $405.14
Popcorn Profit: $296.37 [brought in $467.28, spent $170.91 on supplies]
Empire Twin Theater Tickets: $55.00
Innisbrook Profits: $4,979.73 [Total Sales: $11,987.01, paid to Innisbrook: $7007.28]
Box Tops $277.90
Ending Balance: $6,479.76

· Given this balance, it was proposed that we offer a $200 stipend to each of the 14 teachers, the 2 resource teachers, librarian, music teacher, PE teacher, and counselor.
· Motion by Muffy Norquist, seconded by Christina Howell.

III. Box Tops
We have collected over $200 since November (THANKS!); February is the next submission deadline, so send in your box tops ASAP.

IV. Broken Slide on playground: new parts have been ordered by Jim; PTO will try to reimburse $522.00 to his fund.

V. Carnival
Muffy is organizing the PTO Spring Carnival. They committee has had the first of three planned meetings and has saved us some money already by switching the venue to the Civic Center. Here’s the basic info from Muffy so far:
PTO SPRING CARNIVAL hosted my Eastside & Winans Schools
Friday, April 20th from 6-8 pm @ The Civic Center
Muffy has created a Facebook page so, please feel free to share it (PTO SPRING CARNIVAL). If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, please contact Muffy Norquist via email [] or telephone [222.8645].

VI. Braided Bread Spring Fundraiser
· We voted to do this fundraiser again this year and try to have the bread delivered before Spring Break. It was proposed that we set up the schedule so the bread arrives by March 23rd.
· UPDATE: Our proposed schedule was approved on 2/7 by Success N Fudraising (the makers of braided bread) so we will operate on the following schedule:
Feb. 17th: Order forms mailed to us

Monday, Feb. 27- Wednesday, March 7th: Selling- the actual fundraiser

Friday, March 9th: Absolute deadline for order submissions

Thurs. or Friday, March 22nd or 23rd at 2pm: Product Delivery-March 23rd at 2pm CONFIRMED

VII. New Fundraising Ideas
· Most feedback from parents has leaned away from big selling projects with money leaving the community; we want to come up with more local, simple fundraisers with most money staying in the community.
· Caroline Rehder attended a fundraising webinar and got ideas for a whole year’s theme of “healthy choices”- a walk-a-thon, a run with an entry fee, a healthy choices cook book to sell for about $10, coordinate with Kitty Springer and the Healthy Eaters Club program.
· We are open to lots of ideas and input—we need you to MAKE IT GREAT!

VIII. T-Shirts and Yearbooks
· No Yearbooks this year
· Muffy is checking on Tshirts (prices, etc.)


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Please come to the first


of the year on

Tuesday, January 24th at 5:30pm

in the Winans Library.

If you have even THOUGHT about volunteering to help you should come to this meeting and bring a friend. We need a good army of parent volunteers, for tiny jobs and big jobs alike, and the earlier you get involved the more say you have in shaping this year's carnival. See you Tuesday!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January Reminder

There will be no PTO meeting in January. Our next meeting is scheduled for February 7th at 5:30 pm in the Winans Library. In the mean time, we are in DIRE need of volunteers for the Spring Carnival. Volunteers will be sharing "the load" with volunteers from Eastside PTO and we need to get going on it to make it great. Please contact Lora Brown directly or email if you would like to help with Carnival.

Happy New Year to all of you! See you next month!