Thursday, September 6, 2012

Winans PTO Meeting Minutes
September 4, 2012 @ 5:30pm in the Winan’s School Library

Greetings & Welcome; Attendance:
Lora Brown, Robin Addicott, Caroline Rehder, Jamie Melin, Muffy Norquist, Christina Howell, Amber Bailey, Brooke Weimer, Chantel Braham, Courtney McCormick, Sandi Marlowe, Principal Luke Shelton, Julie Bartz, Lessie Sites, Jessi Tyner

Muffy organized the new T-Shirts with the new Winans Primary School Eagles logo. They will be screened on purple or black shirts (purple so they can double as spirit shirts at PHS Ranger events). Order forms will go home next week with children and orders can also be placed at Open House September 13th from 5-7pm.

Treasurer’s Report:
• Jessi Tyner, Treasurer, reports a balance of roughly $9,000 in the Winans PTO account.
• After some discussion, Caroline moved that we award teachers with $100now, at the beginning of school, and another $100 later (around December) as a stipend for class room supplies. We know that teachers dig deep into their own pockets to give our kids what they need and this is PTO’s way of trying to help with those costs and say thank you.
• Other expected expenses for the year were discussed; PTO requested a wish list from Principal Shelton, which he will discuss at staff meetings and get back to PTO. Then we can formulate a budget and fundraising goals for the year.

School Newsletter:
Mr. Shelton will include PTO notes in school newsletter; we plan to use more electronic media this year—facebook , blog, email (YES, Winans has a facebook page! Like us! We have an orientation video on youtube! And there’s a blog at and and an email address at peasy!).

Fundraising Ideas:
• We have two “selling” fundraisers scheduled this year (Innisbrook wrapping paper and gifts 9/24- 10/8, and Butter Braids 2/25-3/1/2013, and these bring in $4-5k each) but we are trying to move away from selling and trying to do something more community and family oriented.
• Chantel and Courtney brought a great presentation of ideas, starting with an Art Walk/wine & cheese night benefitting Winans, perhaps a silent auction, etc. • Julie suggested they bring this idea to the next staff meeting.
• Jessi mentioned a family walk-run to go along with our movement toward healthier family lifestyles.
• Brooke suggested expanding Carnival to bring in money (gave example that ERA Realty just sponsored the MDA carnival and brought in $22k).
• Lora has an idea for a “game show” fundraiser called “Are you smarter than a Livingston 5th Grader”
• Caroline mentioned that the district’s central kitchen is available to cater school events, not just student meals, so that is one good way to keep fundraising money in the district.

We’re still collecting boxtops—they are a simple source of funding for our school and we receive several hundred dollars each year from them. Our coordinator again this year is Lessie Sites and she will periodically send home reminders and motivators. Out-of-town friends/ grandmas/etc. who want to donate can mail their trimmed boxtops to the school, attention Lessie & PTO.

Popcorn Days:
Muffy is heading up popcorn days again this year, and they will continue to be held on Early Release days. Watch for a flyer next week asking for a $2 donation to cover popcorn expenses for the year.

Spring Carnival:
is now its own separate committee/bank account, with members from each school planning the annual carnival held sometime in April or May. They will send out information soon. First item of business should be finding a venue and a date. Muffy headed this up last year and will help this year as well. Watch for more info. In the meantime, Muffy can’t pass up a deal on prizes, so she is buying up Pamida’s clearance toys and will be reimbursed by the Carnival committee.

Election of Officers:
President- Muffy Norquist
Treasurer- Jessi Tyner
Secretary- Amber Bailey

Traffic Safety Surrounding the School:
Christina Howell lives across the street from Winans and has witnesses many “near-misses” as people drive fast or fail to stop at the intersections surrounding Winans. Neither the school nor the city can provide crossing guards due to liability issues, so Christina and the PTO welcome your ideas and input on how to keep our students safe and drivers aware. Tonight’s suggestions included signage and lights that flash when someone is in the cross walk, and a bucket of flags for children to carry when they cross.

Next Meeting is scheduled for October 2nd at 5:30pm in the Winans Library. Please come or email your input to our Secretary, Amber Bailey, at

Innisbrook Fundraiser begins Monday, September 24th

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