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Winans/Washington PTO Meeting Minutes
January 7, 2014

Call Meeting to Order: Meeting called to order at 6:05pm.

Introductions: Caroline Rehder, Secretary, Mike Rogers, Treasurer, Luke Shelton, Principal, Jacey Edwards, Nichole Brower, Christina Howell, Lessie Sites, Wendy Cornell, Patti Durgan, Susan Atkinson, Pat Thums.

Treasurer’s Report: see attached sheets for report on three accounts (First Interstate Bank, Wells Fargo, and playground “account”).
  • 1. Mike will work on 2nd half stipend checks this week so that Robin can distribute them. This will probably spend down the FIB account.  
  • 2. The decision can be made to formally close the FIB account.
  • 3. Mike received an Innisbrook invoice and wanted to make sure the person who ordered the items had indeed received them. Robin and/or Marissa should follow-up.
  • Secretary Minutes: Minutes from meeting on 12/3/2013 approved without changes.

Thank You Notes: Multiple thank you notes were passed around.

Grant Requests
  • 1. Juliana Robinson school psychologist submitted a request for three core ball seats that can be used by General Ed and special Ed students with behavior problems. She had also requested some stress balls which Principal Shelton will purchase with Title funds. The total for the chairs in $149. The grant request was approved.
  •   2. Wendy Heckles and Jo Newhall submitted a request for an artist in residence, Sue Terrill, to provide a two hour in-service for teachers in each of the grades K-2 regarding working with clay. Some of the supply for the artist in residence will be purchased by Principal Shelton with funds designated for art from last year’s art show and auction. The remaining balance will be $296. This request was approved.

Report from Principal-Luke Shelton
  •   1. Working with City of Livingston (Shannon Holmes is the project coordinator) for installation of the new playground equipment at Washington School.
  • 2. Principal Shelton wanted to let parent’s know that there will be a meeting at the end of the month which will be open to the public regarding the Title program. This program assists students with reading and math skills. He and the teachers are currently working on reviewing and updating the program and would welcome parent input.

Old Business
Washington Play Structure Installation Update-Nichole Brower
  •   1. Have received donations from Shopko and LMH for $250.
  •   2. The concrete pour with take place this Thursday the 9th.
  •   3. Next week either Wednesday or Thursday volunteers are needed to erect the structure. If anyone is interested or knows anyone who could help please contact Nichole. The exact date and time are still to be determined with the city.
  • 4. Final expenses: $129 to Nichole to reimburse for the purchase of week fabric, still need 2x6’s, concrete will be $250 or less.
  • 5. In the final balance it seems that the playground fundraisers raised enough money to cover all of the expenses excluding the $5000 of PTO general funds contributed to the project.

 Convection Countertop oven for Winans-Caroline Rehder
  • 1. Teachers decided on a model before Christmas, and the oven was ordered over Christmas break.
  • 2. The oven was delivered today.

New Business:

Father Daughter/Mother Son Dance- February 7th, 6:30-8:30 Park High Rec Plex Signup sheets were passed around at the meeting. Anyone interested in helping should contact Holly Sienkiewicz or Robin Addicott.

Committee Updates

Popcorn-1/17, poppers are still needed.

Box Tops, Lessie Sites: just received a check for $1033.20 which brings the total to 70% of this year’s goal. The next mailing will be 3/1/2014 and the final one at the end of school. Postage is the most costly part of the program but the school is receiving funds.

Teacher Appreciation Week, Jen Sestrich: Jen is in need of Washington parents who are willing to help. Jacey Edwards offered to help. A notice will be sent out to room parents asking for assistance.

Yearbook, Nichole Brower

  • 1. Nichole has started building the yearbook. The deadline for the final copy is February 18th.
  • 2. Nichole will be sending out info through the room parents asking for pictures. It will be easiest if parents can put the pictures on a USB or other storage device and then Nichole can download the photos onto the school server.
  • 3. There may be a need to create a folder on the server for each class so that specific class pictures can be identified. Each class page will have two candid photos and there will be 16 other pages of candid photos. When should we hand out Yearbook order forms?: order forms can be sent out anytime and sooner may be better.

Read Week, Wendy Cornell, Christina Howell
  • 1. Read week is February 24th to 28th. 8:30 to 9:30 am will be the designated time that members of the community or parents can come in to read to the students. Each class will have at least one person come in every morning of that week to read. Christina has a spread sheet for scheduling and Muffy will also keep a copy in the office.
  • 2. March 3rd, the following Monday, is National Read Day. Christina, Wendy, and Principal Shelton will discuss other possible activities for that day which may include green eggs and ham for lunch or a larger assembly and party. Wendy and Christina will also present at the next staff meeting. Next PTO meeting they will present the decision and any help they made need from the PTO.

Braided Bread, need chairperson: Robin will send out a request for a chairperson.

Carnival, Muffy Norquist & Jessi Tyner: Friday, April 4th. Regular Meetings to be held First Tuesday each month.

Next meeting is February 4th at 6:00.

  Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 6:55pm.

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