Wednesday, March 7, 2012

PTO Meeting Minutes for 6 March 2012

Combined Meeting with Eastside PTO, Eastside School Library

Attendance: Bob Stevenson, Jim Huntzicker, Angie Tinsley, Angie Printz, Terri Chambers, Brooke Weimer, Muffy Norquist, Christina Howell, Julie Bartz, Jamie Melin

I. Combining Winan's & Eastside PTO
After discussing pro’s and con’s, the decision still seems to be up in the air, with most of the Eastside PTO satisfied with the status quo and most of the Winans PTO wanting to combine. This is because the Winans PTO members are stretched thin trying to participate in both PTOs and we know we will eventually be part of Eastside PTO anyway, so why not start combining our talents and efforts (if not our leadership and treasury) now?

A median approach was agreed upon, that we begin the 2012-13 school year with a combined meeting since membership in both groups will change drastically between now and then. The decision can then be made about how much of the PTO we will combine and how often we will meet together. We did decide that we will continue to work on carnival together, that we should do all 4 fundraisers (2 in each school) next year, and that the Crazy Mountain Productions workshops will remain exclusively for Eastside students.

II. Carnival Report
Spring Carnival April 20th from 5:30- &:30 pm at the Civic Center

• Muffy is in desperate need of volunteers to lead three groups of more volunteers for Carnival.
o Set up Crew
o Running Booths
o Clean Up Crew
If you or someone you know can motivate and organize a group of volunteers, WE NEED YOU! Please contact Muffy ASAP. We also plan to recruit at PHS to offer students a chance to complete their community service hours by helping at the carnival.

• Eastside offered to cancel their Family Fun Night for this year and channel that energy, time, and money into the Carnival. Their budget will now cover meals for volunteers. (THANK YOU, E-PTO!)

• If you have gently used books to donate to the book walk, please bring them by the Winans office before March 30th.

• Angie, Brooke , and Jane have individually wrapped cookies frozen for the cake-cookie walk.

• Mustang Catering will have a food booth again, and the Floyds will bring the snow cone truck

• Brooke and Jamie discussed “marketing strategies” for next year’s PTO and plan to have an info booth at Carnival with fresh new material introducing PTO to parents (and TEACHERS, too).

• We have plans to advertise the Carnival as “The Spring Carnival presented by Eastside and Winans School Parents”. Muffy is creating newspaper ads, flyers/posters, and sandwich board signs. We are looking for materials donation for the signs, Brooke offered to look into a labor donation, and we plan to use the Insty-prints 50 free flyers for non-profits offer. We will also look into putting the carnival info on marquees around town.


[the "just Winans" part...]

III. Read Week Finalization
March 19-23, 2012
• Jim will decide on the “fun days” and we will send a flyer home on March 15th or 16th
• Christina will put an ad in the paper asking for volunteers and perhaps send home a form to recruit community readers.
• Coordinate with Marcia & teachers to schedule readers?---ask Jim about organizing details

IV. Braided Bread Fundraiser - Delivery line up and Order submissions
• Jamie & Jessi will enter orders by computer this weekend
• Anyone who wants to help Jamie & Jim sort orders, they are scheduled to arrive on Friday March 23rd at 2pm. Jamie will send out a reminder email.

V. Teacher Appreciation Week May 7-11, 2012

• We agreed to do wishing tree, Friday potluck, and mailbox surprises again.
• We will need to recruit a volunteer to head up the potluck- Sarah Knecht has done it the past 2 years, and a couple of people to brainstorm and create mailbox surprises.
If you know anyone willing to donate or offer discounted items please let us know—for example, DQ donated ice cream tokens, a nursery sold us discounted potted herbs, the flower shop gave us half-price flowers one year—ask around and let us know your ideas!

VI. Box Top Report/ Treasury Report
VII. Follow-up on T-Shirts or any other possible 2011-12 projects (wrap up), new mascot= the Eagles
VIII. Jim Retiring; Retirement Party for Jim, Jane Welch, and Doreen Reich—check if anyone else is making plans for this (district?); if not, Muffy will look into scheduling something with The Elks Club toward the end of the school year.

**Reminder: Meeting with Rich Moore regarding the new Winans Principal on Wednesday, March 14th at 5:30 pm in the Winans Library

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